Island Hopping and It’s Beauty

Hey fancy people!

I am super excited to share with you all the beauty I witnessed while Island hopping on a Yacht in The British Virgin Islands!

First came flying, then came the real fun! After taking a fabulous airplane from Tampa, FL to Miami, FL, we got on the next flight out to Tortola,The British Virgin Islands, where all the fun started.

From the moment we landed I knew this vacation would be great since there were free shots of Cruzan Rum waiting for us in the outdoor airport. Yeah, FREE! (#winning)

As I looked at the perfect dark green mountains, filled with life, feeling the heat of the sun gazing down upon us, I filled my lungs breathing in the fresh tropical air. I knew my vacation had started. I was excited to not only see mountains for the first time but to ride on them. Our cab arrived in what looked like a safari truck and gave us a ride of our life. Speeding up and down the mountain, turning sharp curves fast, feeling my heart racing as he neared the mountains edges. We saw what looked like goats in the road that we had to swerve around. Let’s just say by the time we arrived to our destination my hair looked like I had be electrocuted.

Myett’s in Cane Garden Bay, Tortola was our first stop. This place was beautiful! It is a Garden Inn/Hotel, restaurant and spa with a gift shop! I was blown away by the beauty. Oh and did I mention they had a live band playing the best reggae songs! When walking through it I was blown away seeing live chickens walking around (something you don’t see in the USA) and no walls in there, you can see the gorgeous ocean while you sit and eat. Perfection.

As we waited for our food I walked out to the shore that was a few feet away from me. Mountains, clear blue water, white sand, palm trees, yachts parked around 200 feet away. I was in Heaven. I have never in my life seen such beauty. It’s something I’d only have seen in the magazines. Then it hit me. I was IN the magazines! But one thing I realized, no picture could really capture the beauty from seeing it in real life. Pictures don’t do justice. You have to see it to believe it!

After our delicious dinner, we went onto our Yacht! Yes, we stayed on a Catamaran yacht for 11 days. It had 4 bedrooms with bathrooms in each, a kitchen and breakfast nook. I had to pinch myself every now and then to remind myself I wasn’t dreaming.

The next day we started our Island hopping! Norman Island: Pirates Bight was one of my favorite islands to go to and one of the first few. I was obsessed at how white the sand was and how clear the water was. There were quite a few small palm trees too and something about it all made me fall in love. Pinch! Okay I wasn’t dreaming.

Another island we went to was called Salt Island. It was a fairly small Island. me and my crew were the only people there. As we walked about a hundred feet from shore there it was. A still red looking lake with salt laying motionless on the ground. Everything was so still. And quiet. We all grabbed a Ziploc bag and grabbed a handful of sea salt into our bags. Amazing beauty. Next we swam back to our boat parked in the water with the anchor, and went just along the side of Salt Island where lied a sunken ship from the 1800’s. We anchored the Yacht, grabbed on our scuba gear and jumped into the ocean. My husband and his uncle actually touched the tip of it because it was only 10 feet under. the rest of the ship was further under. That was really cool seeing an actual sunken ship from so long ago.

During the trip we also stopped at a well known party ship that stays anchored in one spot day and night called Willy T’s. What happens at Willy T’s stays at Willy T’s. But I’ll tell you something, I took my first Ski Shot (a ski board with about 6 holes holding shot glasses and we all took a shot at the same time). Then seeing women laying on the bar with their tops off having someone take a shot off their, well, okay I’ve gone too far.

Another one of my favorite Island was Jost Van Dyke which had a really cool restaurant called The Soggy Dollar. We anchored the Yacht, and swam to shore. We had ourselves quite a few of our favorite Island drink called Painkiller! But this is where the Painkiller drink originated from so we couldn’t have just one. If you don’t know what it is I suggest you go to The Soggy Dollar and try it. Do not have a Painkiller from any local bar in the USA, I guarantee they don’t how to make it.

Anyways, another Island we hopped onto, was one of my favorites, Virgin Gorda. We went to The Baths. I don’t think words could even describe the beauty of this island. There were huge boulders everywhere, caves of these enormous boulders with walk ways. Some so tiny you’d have to duck to get through. There would be small spots with water up to your ankles in some spots, and colorful sea shells and sea glass in different areas. I recommend wearing shoes going through this because the boulders are scorching hot. After getting out of there we went into the water and it was crystal clear blue, and we felt plankton’s nibbling on our skin. Very weird feeling.

During our trip we snorkeled in the middle of the ocean with colorful rainbow fish, blue, pink purple, it was amazing. We also swam with barracuda! That was pretty creepy but thankfully none of us had anything shiny on. Every now and then I had to look back and make sure there weren’t any sharks coming. It was the ocean, you just never know. (I can truly say Iv’e lived dangerously).

We enjoyed jumping off the top of the boat with Go Pro’s, Paddle boarding and collecting sea glass and sea shells. Staring at the stars at night was also another favorite. It seemed there were always clear skies at night and shooting stars. Pinch! Yes, okay I wasn’t dreaming!

Every moment of this dream vacation was breath taking to say the least. I would go back in a heart beat. If you are trying to figure out where your next vacation spot should be I would really recommend going to The British Virgin Islands because you could be IN the magazines just like I’d been! Like I said, you’d have to actually see it, to believe it!

I attached more pictures below!

Thanks for reading!!

Lisa Yambo


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