How to Start a Business from UPCYCLING

Hey Fancy people!

I want to get right into this amazing technique of starting your own business from the things found in your home that you no longer need. That’s right it’s called #upcycle!

One day I was scrolling on Pinterest as I always do, (Pinterest obsessed!) and I saw a purse made from old jeans and immediately I saw dollar signs! Cha-ching!

In my mind I said “I can do that!” Plus I had quite a few jeans I hated wearing so it was a win win situation. BOOM!

Thankfully, I had basic knowledge of sewing due to my seventh grade Home Economics class! #winning So I jumped to my feet and the rest is history.


Do you have any pairs of jeans in your closet that you no longer wear? If yes, perfect cause you can grab those and make a few purses with it without spending a dime!


  • Scissors
  • Thread & needle
  • Hot glue
  • Ruler/measuring tape
  • Chalk

Pick your preference of thread & needle or hot glue. You do not need both. I prefer to use my sewing machine cause it cuts the time down by so much. The only time I use hot glue is to attach any little decorations on the purse.

A ruler is good so you can make your cuts/sews even, and the chalk is good so you can draw a straight line.


I know it can be fun to start chopping things up but first think of a plan before you get scissor happy. Trust me! LOL

You don’t have to know exactly what you want it to look like but at least have some kind of an idea.

Once you start learning how to create different items it will get easier.

So after you decide what you are creating exactly and have all the materials, get started.


If you don’t have a sewing machine no biggie just hand sew it or use a wonderful hot glue gun.

I hand sewed my first two purses and then my mom let me borrow her sewing machine. (She doesn’t know it’s mine now though mwahahaha Just kidding…… or am I??)

So start sewing away. Sometimes it might not turn out exactly how you thought it would at first but with practice comes perfection.

After I did those three easy steps I created my first purse! I was AMAZED at how easy it all was with free resources that I already had and did it all from the bottom of the pants legs of an old pair of jeans! (Now that was a long sentence!)

I was just so excited. I always wanted to make money from resources I already had.

You can buy used jeans from thrift stores or yard sales too and they are so cheap!

I recently just bought some jeans to add to my collection for only fifty cents.

I mean could that BE any more awesome? (*Chandler Bings voice from FRIENDS TV SHOW*)

Here are a couple of pictures of what I created my first time making a purse out of old jeans!

So I was impressed by my finished product. It took a few hours, hand sewing, but it was worth it. I realized a passion I forgot I had.

I hope you all enjoyed. Thank you fancy people! ❤

#purse #sew #upcycle #jeans



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