So I am super excited to share with you my tips on how to throw a stranger things diy party. Now I know this is different than a lot of my posts but, I post about lifestyle and I did this party for my daughter’s 12th birthday! Being a mom is my lifestyle! LOL

So I can be last minute sometimes, (something I’m working on) and I realized on a Friday that my daughters party is the very next day and I haven’t prepared at all!

Thankfully the cake was already being taken care of because my mom is a brilliant cake artist and she does my kids cakes for free! Oh yeah! I am one lucky mom! LOL

So Friday, me and Pinterest were BFF’S because I was searching non stop for Stranger Things party ideas, DIY. I found so many cute ideas that were super easy to make as well. Now I couldn’t spend much because I was honestly, well, broke AF. LOL

So I was super happy to know that I could pull of the decorations for free by using things I already had in the house. All I spent was some of my time!



First I had my mom print out some cool Stranger Things printables from her job. I had her print Barb’s MISSING flyer, Wills “HAVE YOU SEEN ME?” Flyer AND a “THIS OR THAT” activity for any fans of the show that would be at he party.

I taped the flyers around the walls of my living room, kitchen, dining room and even bathroom! Everyone loved the flyers and had fun playing the This Or That activity as well. I was a hit!


So the next thing I decided to do was create the map of Hawkins. There were some videos on Youtube and pictures on Pinterest that I saw and it looked simple enough so i decided to give it a try. It was a really cool idea because all I needed was some plain white paper and a blue, black and red crayon. EASY! And FREE! Talk about WIN WIN!

I quickly grabbed my supplies, went to the living room and got down on my hands and knees and went to town. BA-DUM-BUM-PSHH. HAHAHA

It was fun coloring, scribbling and I kind of got into character of coarse, (as any actor would ) and scribbled it all out. It was pretty fun.

Sixty-four papers later I was done! Now I do not have pictures but check out my Youtube video and you will see it in a video. It’s pretty freaking cool!


My final step was to recreate the ABC wall that was in Joyce Byers home. I had no clue how I was going to create it but I knew I was going to do it.

I was first going to use a white curtain that I’d never used before, and paint the alphabet on it. I quickly changed my mind and decided to try it out on some old 24 x 18 Newsprint paper I’ve had laying around my house since 2013. I thought it was just white paper but turns out it was a perfect off white color that looked way better.

So I taped all four sides together and repeated it three times to make it more thick AND so that the paint wouldn’t bleed through.

Now before I started painting away, I wrote it out in pencil first. By the way, I decided to write out “HAPPY BIRTHDAY LACEY”instead cause it seemed better.

So, I grabbed some black acrylic paint and my handy dandy paint brush and traced over the pencil marks in not so perfect strokes. I wanted it to have some character to the letters.

Check out my final creation with the lights on it!

I was so proud of what I created! And all it took was an imagination and the will to do it. (Pun intended lol )


THE CAKE!! Okay you fancy people, I fell in love with this incredible cake my mom made! The inside was vanilla with white chocolate cream filling and OH MY GOODNESS it was AMAZING!! I literally had two pieces!

Check out her Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/wendysdesignercakes/

Making a Stranger Things Party was so much fun and it was super cheap as well. The only thing I paid for was the food, drinks, cups and plates lol.. So if you are thinking about doing a Stranger Things party I say DO IT!

There’s a ton more of ideas out there on Pinterest!

I hope you fancy people enjoyed my blog as much as I enjoyed writing it! I had so much fun!

Comment below if you have any questions or just want to say Hi!




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