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Hey FANCY people! I am so glad you have joined me to learn HOW TO CHANGE YOUR PARADIGM! The fact that you WANT to learn this is already making you part of a small percentage of people in this world. So congrats and lets get started!

Okay so first, what is a Paradigm?

If you look it up in a dictionary you’ll see it says something a long the lines of ” A typical pattern of a model.” Now what exactly does that mean?

When I first learned about Paradigms a couple of years ago, I learned it from one of my favorite influencer’s Bob Proctor. He states it in simplest form, such as “A Paradigm is nothing but a multitude of habits. It’s a collection of beliefs that at held by a group of people.”

So basically those beliefs that your are born to believe are shared and passed on from generation to generation. Everyone keeps on believing the same thing, it’s a cycle.

For example, if you are born in poverty and parents struggle every day to make meets end, chances are you will be doing that same thing when you grow up, and your kids and so on.

Isn’t that so crazy to think? How can you change something you don’t know is wrong? That is why I am so glad that you are here learning about this so you can have the opportunity to change your life around and your children’s lives! (If you have or will have kids)

So a Paradigm is basically a habit that acts on what your sub-conscious believes. Train your conscious to think positive thoughts by practicing positive affirmations like in my other blog I posted. Your conscious will accept or reject those thoughts, and it will go to your sub-conscious and create images and then send the body signals and the body will express those actions.

So that is why it is so important to think positive thoughts and have a clear vision of you living your dream life. It is IMPORTANT to remember also that when you think about your vision of you living the life of your dreams, you MUST FEEL the feeling of how happy you’d be living that life. The Sub-conscious does not know what is real or what’s fake so you can make it believe ANYTHING you want it to believe.

Once you start practicing that everyday you will notice life start changing for the better and you will eventually be creating laws of attraction. What you think, you will attract. Your thoughts are things.

Thank you so much for reading my blog on How to change your paradigm!

You got this!

-Lisa Yambo


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