My first recommendation of FANCY MIND BOOK CLUB is the amazing THINK AND GROW RICH book by Napoleon Hill!

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About two years ago when I started changing my mindset I watched (and still do) a lot of Youtube videos on Bob Proctor and he always talked about this book. He always talked about how much this book changed his life and how grateful he is for reading it.

I wanted so much more in my life and really had nothing to lose by reading this book. I knew I had so much to gain from it. So I went to the Barnes and Noble by my house since I wanted a Hard Copy, and bought Think and Grow Rich. I did it, I made the first step and it felt so good.

I finished reading the book a few months ago and began reading it again.

Now let me rewind for a moment. I LOVED this book. It expanded my mind and way of thinking in a way that I never new existed. I was so intrigued. And guess what?!

Before reading the last chapter, my mind thought of creating my company Fancy Mind Lifestyle!!

Yeah, it’s crazy!! Before reading this book I knew I wanted to do SOMETHING to make a difference in this world by inspiring and motivating people and I had no clue what to do. But I read Think and Grow Rich and I did what the book told me to do every day and every night and it seriously helped me.

I am so grateful I found this book because it helped me find part of my purpose in this world.

Every single chapter you learn something new. I definitely recommend keeping a notebook and pen close by when you read this book because you will NEED to take notes! Especially in Chapter 4.

This book is definitely something you want to take your time reading cause it’s so powerful and mind blowing. But once you finish you’ll want to read it again and again. Bob Proctor recommends reading it over and over and over again so I’m going with what he says because he is proof of what this book can do for you.

My favorite part of this book? It’s hard to pin point ONE thing, but I would have to say the “Three Feet From Gold” story. It’s amazing. Teaches you about not giving up and how most people give up right before their breakthrough. It’s crazy!

If you have read this book too let’s start a discussion in the comments! I’d love to hear your favorite part of the book and let me know if it made any impact on you!

Thanks for checking out my book review and if you want to get yourself a copy here is the Amazon link: THINK AND GROW RICH




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