Thanks for checking out FANCY MIND BOOK CLUB.

Reading is a brilliant way to expand your knowledge and is something you need to do in order to learn. Every day we should learn something knew in order to become our best self’s!

I won’t lie, I’ve had to force myself to read my whole life. It was never something I was into. The only two series of books I have ever read were Twilight Saga books and 50 Shades of Gray! LOL I read them all AND I read them super fast! Llike literally one book a week! That was amazing.

So I know I have it in me to read, it’s just I need books that catch my full attention!

Fancy Mind Book Club is going to have all the books that I read and loved plus I want YOU FANCY PEOPLE to also give recommendations!

Let’s grow as a community and I would love to talk about our favorite pages in certain books.

Every book should be based on learning and growing.

I can’t wait to hear from you all and read more books!!!! #2020GOALS #READMORE #LEARN #GROW